Street Lighting Collection

Thank you for wanting to see more of my street lighting collection, I have split my collection based on lighting type, SOX, SON/CMH/MH, Fluorescent and MBFU, rather than manufacturer to help with identifying them under what light source it runs. This makes it easier to identify lanterns than trying to find out what manufacturer its is first. As mentioned on the previous page, there is a lot to get through so I will update this as I go along.

SOX (Low Pressure Sodium):

I have approximately have 160 SOX street lights in my collection, with the most common being the classic Thorn Beta 5, I have around 6 or so of these both from the older 1980’s design up to modern 200’s designs. I do also hold nice golden oldies and those that are fairly rare, well probably more so now.
180/131W SOX/E

135/91W SOX/E

90/66W SOX/E

55/36W SOX/E

35/26W SOX/E


SON (High Pressure Sodium):

I have around 75 SON street lights in my collection, as SON is more common the lantern designs are more from 90’s onwards
400W SON

250W SON

150W SON



Ceramic and Quartz Metal Halide (CMH/MH):