Traffic Lighting Collection

Thank you for taking an interest in wanting to see my Traffic lighting collection. For ease of viewing I have split this up so that signals are first with there different types I own, followed by other road signals, then controllers, then push buttons, followed by detectors last. Like with the street lighting section this will be updated over time as there is a lot to get through. I am also in the process of building my own traffic signal controller and standalone pedestrian controller, which you can read about here on my projects page.

Traffic and Pedestrian Signals
Mellor Type (Halogen):
Optic Type 2000 onwards (Halogen):

Other Road Signals
Belisha Beacons:

GEC 125 Standalone Pelican Controller:
Siemens ST800 Traffic Signal Controller:

Pedestrian Demand Units (Push Buttons):
LV (240V) (Halogen/Incandescent:
ELV (48V) (Halogen/Incandescent:
ELV (48V) (LED):