Lighting, Electrical and Projects

Ever since I was young I have always been in interested in street lighting and general lighting such as fluorescent lights, it is a big passion of mine and hobby. I remember when I was younger looking out of the window at a Philips MA50 and watching it switch on and off and as the days passed. I even remember watching waiting for the street lights in my village I live in now to switch on and warm up, It was a great sight to see and used to do it every night for a time, sadly these lanterns (Thorn Civic 1’s) have since been replaced with a lantern of an ever-growing threat to classic lighting – LED.

I have been enthusiast most of my life, but only started collecting in 2015, August 2015 to be precise. During that time I have collected many lanterns, lamps and lighting items, some really old, to some more modern lighting. I would say I have around 300 or more lighting products in my collection. Some have asked what my favourite lantern is I have collected or even generally, but for me that is a really hard question to answer, as I like many lanterns across different lighting types eg SOX, SON, MBFU, etc. I decided I would show you my collection below, but please bare with, there is a lot to go through, and will be updated over time.

Further to street lighting collecting, I also developed an interest in traffic lights and controllers, this has subsequently started the collecting traffic signals, controllers and push buttons etc, since July 2019. I personally am a fan of the old Mellor type traffic and pedestrian signal heads, I’d say GEC models are my favourite followed by PAGE in second.

Aside to the street and traffic lighting, I am collector and enthusiast of fluorescent lighting, mainly of the old T12 variety, but some modern stuff also, and general electrical items. I have taken many electrical items apart over the years, and even built my own lighting products some from scratch, some converted from existing fittings. I am also in the process of constructing my own electric boiler (like the type in a house), traffic light controller, standalone pedestrian controller and house alarm.

This page as you probably already gathered is for the showcase of my collections and what I have made. I will be creating the occasional blog post, in where I may fix a street lighting issue, or fix an household electrical item, etc. The blogs will appear on the main website.


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Please click here to see the collection.


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